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To receive news and publication updates for The Scientific World Journal, enter your email address in the box below. Shamim , b and Kawser Ahmed b. The first design consists of 34 cells and has 1 clock delay. Efforts have been done in exploring the capabilities of emerging technologies to perform reversible computation. The Scientific World Journal.

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More details for the QCA device physics can be found in [ 3 ]. Footnotes Transparency document Transparency data associated qcaddesigner this article can be found in the online version at https: The AOP is fallen steadily with the growth of temperature [5]. Many designs for Toffoli gate using QCA have been proposed.

View at Google Scholar M. By applying sufficient local electric field on the tunneling junctions, the potential barriers control the transition qcadeaigner the mobile electrons to provide three states for the isolated cell.

The proposed basic building block can also be customized to implement reversible gates such as CNOT gate and Toffoli gate by adding certain cells to the block with appropriate setting qcadesigned the customization cells.

This manuscript improve the performance of QCA reversible circuits with separate temperature level. A reversible circuit with single Toffoli gate and five NOT gates: View at Scopus E.

The cells can be grouped into four zones to have the same electric field influence to achieve proper clocking scheme. The unique feature is that logic states are represented by a cell. One construction of QCA inverter is shown in Figure 4 a.

Computational power is provided by the Coulombic interaction between QCA cells. The proposed basic building qdadesigner where the customization cells are.

Customization of the 11 configuration cells of the proposed basic building block where DC denotes device cell, OC denotes output cell, IC denotes input cell, and RC denotes rotate cell. In purpose of physical verification of the proposed pGate one 2 bit multiplexer has proposed which is implemented by 14 cells, which provides Average output polarization dataset of reversible logic circuits at separate temperature levels. Another construction of the NOT gate is shown in Figure 4 bwhere the input is inverted due to the different polarizations that are misaligned between the touching corners of the cells [ 19 ].

Transparency document Transparency data associated with this article can be found in the online version at https: Synchronization and qcaadesigner of information flow are provided by QCA clocking to give the power to run the QCA circuit because there is no outer source for that purpose.

Efficient design of a hybrid adder qcadesigneer quantum-dot qfadesigner automata. The second state is positive polarization which occurs when the barriers are raised positively.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interests. The QCA clocking is achieved by managing the potential barriers between adjacent quantum dots. A cell is a qdadesigner device able to encode data by two-electron configuration. Comparison between the proposed QCA design for the Toffoli gate and other designs.

It is important to notice that the proposed layout has neither crossover cells nor multilayers which is an advantage over the other designs shown in Table 2. The first state is null cell which occurs when the barriers are lowered by decreasing the electric field; this allows electrons to be found on any dots.

Associated Data Supplementary Materials Supplementary material. The first and seventh designs are the most efficient designs among the seven designs in terms of cell count and clock delay. A novel binary to grey and grey to binary code qcaedsigner in majority voter-based QCA Nanocomputing.

Synthesis of peres and R logic circuits in nanoscopic scale.

The accurate placement of these zones is important for the efficiency of the design. The basic component of a QCA device is a cell with four quantum dots placed in the corners and two free electrons.

In this paper, qcadesignner basic building block for QCA will be proposed. Shamimb and Kawser Ahmed b.

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