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To find the references to hp. All the help topics will open in Firefox browser version 3. Java Performance Tuning Newsletter. For example, I'm starting my JVM with: Even been a simple tool, I think it could be useful.

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We analyzed the references going upward from the found object light blue to the root. We explicitly removed it from the toolbar and made certain that our application no longer held any references to it. We can see two methods dominate this metric, while all the other methods are called relatively infrequently.

The command line to run the benchmark with profiling is: Automatic problem detection hpjmetwr alerts: For example, I'm starting my JVM with:. We have used HPjmeter with many applications to help engineers in banking, financial, automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, software, telecom, retail and many other companies and governments troubleshoot and tune their products.

Contrary to the programmers' intentions, other live objects were still holding references to these objects. From our understanding about how our tool works, we did not expect to find any live objects of this type.

Here we see that almost all of the delay caused by the lock contention occurs in the method subsys. One of the early versions of HPjmeter had a problem with lingering objects. hpjmetre

HP-UX 11i Tuning and Performance by Peter S. Weygant, Chris P. Ruemmler, Robert F. Sauers

Note that the download link below points to a page that provides the following download packages:. GraphDataNodewe selected this type, and then marked it by clicking on the Mark button. Sign up using Email and Password. The last column shows the "bytes held. To use it, yo need to execute your program adding a VM argument.

HPjmeter Downloads and Documentation

If you see many threads spending all their time in an unexpected state, such hpjmetsr "Unknown" or "Lock Contention", then you are experiencing the problem with inaccurate data. Method call counts Method execution times Method call graph Number of allocated objects Allocation sites Object reference graph Lock contention and many others HPjmeter is designed to display the collected metrics to allow you to easily identify performance bottlenecks and quickly tune your Java applications.

Double clicking on one of the threads pops up a smaller window that shows the hpjmetre of the thread's states over the thread's lifetime. Sign up using Facebook.

Normally you can just run java -jar PerfAnal. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. This action object obviously holds references to the data it is supposed to manipulate.

HPjmeter - HP-UX 11i Tuning and Performance [Book]

Individual nodes can be expanded and collapsed, just as they can in traditional hpmmeter views. Java Performance Tuning, 2nd ed. Run your application with profiling enabled for example, add -Xrunhprof: Java Performance Tuning Newsletter. The analysis of the topmost entries revealed that the heap contained objects of type hp. First of all, install the tool as described in the project webpage in Eclipse.

Use the online tutorial available at www. The histogram shows a horizontal bar for each thread used by the application, showing the lifetime of the thread with respect to the lifetime of the whole application the window's width.

The metrics available for the file are highlighted hpjmeetr the Metric menu see picture below. Extensive printing capabilities make report writing easy because any information displayed can be written to a file.

Therefore, using HPjmeter always requires two steps: Sign up to get product updates, drivers and support alerts. How can we find the lingering objects if we do not know the type of objects to look for?

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