Jumpink by rizki nanda

By | 07.10.2018

Sep 11, Some reviews, including mine, are on page 2 Cheers Nikki I'm no native speaker - please ignore the mistakes. This page was created in 0. IMHO there should be a refill available, because there is simply not enough if you are like me and ran into trouble simply trying to build the gimmick just right.

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Move permanent ink on a pack of chewing gum. Not like I can walk into a store and start experimenting with the stuff. And with that I can get rid of all the gum blisters that I bought jjmpink super gum ;D.

Nqnda we had to experiment and try a few different ones before choosing the one we provide, so I guess, you will have to do a bit of that too but knowing the material you are looking for will help and make the process easier Andrew. Card-chaos New user 46 Posts. I haven't been here in ages.

You must need little hands to be able to procure the gimmick just right to match the one on the DVD. I have recieved mine today For quite a while now, we have been searching for the ideal material for this magic trick.

View our magic tricks index. Then 20 minutes later I found myself frustrated and upset I couldn't make the gimmick right.

The thinking behind this is brilliant, to visually move a marking from one peice of gum to another the way you see it in the teaser for the spectator is stunning. Latest tweets The latest forum posts The latest facebook posts. Most of y'all won't know me, I was here in the good old days. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1. My opinion of this effect is that it is great. Farewell and Thank You October 1, As the forums close, I want to say farewell and thank you to all the friends that have helped me progress in my magic over the last 7 years that I've been part of these forums.

You or the najda then put a big bold X on one of the sections. Great job on the quick up close handling chapters.

JUMPINK BY RIZKI NANDA (Gimmick and DVD) magic trick

In case you would need extra material, maybe ask the producer where you can get this kind of "stuff". Genres View the range. Good luck, it looks like a great effect! And the best thing about it all, I think I know an easy source for the gimmick material.

This is my honest review of what I thought was gonna be a grand slam in my collection. The price made it a 'pass' for me, but I'm sure it won't for others.

Please don't get me wrong, I do respect and appreciate this effect. Will I be dissapointed when I get this? I really have no complaints about this effect other than the above stated. I'm glad you like it that much! Well, shucks, this old place is shutting down? Showing the Most Helpful Newest. Rizki Nanda from Indonesia is a true underground gem. Waiting for some more reviews then I am in.

The Magic Cafe Forums - JumpINK by Rizki Nanda

Just my observation Pay it forward and remember karma will take it from there. EricDraven Inner circle Posts. I wrote earlier, that we had to experiment to find the perfect material we provide now.

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