Milon gupta harmonica

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This was evident in his early days itself when he was mesmerising audiences with his skillful playing of songs like ''palkir gaan'', ''gayer bodhu'', ''Ayega anewala'', ''jago mohan pyaare'' and many more, which till then was unheard of being played on a mouh organ. Such was his repertoire and mastery over that instrument that he soon got noticed by the great composer Salil Chowdhury, whilst he was performing at a local concert. Sir I just want to say please send me those songs by Milon sir. If only he had learnt to play other instruments, I am sure he would have excelled in them and become a famous Music Director like his student R.

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Dear Ramkrishnaji, Thanks for such a detail article on my beloved teacher. One request, can any body collect all the tunes played by Sir and publish in mp3 format. The story goes how OP Nayyar asked him to play that particular western number and Majrooh saab wrote the lyrics on the spot.

Milon Gupta

In today's net savvy world, as we surf the net in search of harmonica players of the world, we come across thousands of names. We all miss Milonda. With best Regards guptq all of my guru bhai in India. I also play like any other profssional player and am well versed in all brands of chromatic harmonicas from Hohner,Suzuki and Hearing brands.

Harmonicw have sri milon around 6 -7 audio casettes which i changed to MP3 and still i am lisening to them. I am one of his students in kolkata. Sir I just want to say please send me those songs by Milon sir. Today at Germany when I see Hohner Chromatica, I feel proud of my teacherperhaps who did the real justice to this instrument after Larry Adler.

My father and I were both fans together and we would listen to this cassette often. As you know bengal is a state where there are maximum harmonica players in india. Best Regards, Shiv S Pandey e-mail: He had a school of sudents who would only learn Latin and Western music from him. His mother was a very accomplished singer in Calcutta having sung in the All India Radio.

Sir i will miss ggupta always Asim Banerjee who was one of his students.

I am sure he will continue to inspire millions of Indians for generations to come I have only simple hero harmonica. During my child hood in 70s i use to hear his songs ininstrumental music program.

As we mark his 75th birthday, the sweet sound nilon his mouth organ still plays at the back of every music lover.

We must all salute him for this. Looks like have to try finding his cassettes and have to get it converted by myself once I visit kolkata. My father was a master at the Harmonica and he bequeathed his Hohner Harmonicas to me.

I would like to listen to Milonji's live programmes on youtube. I do have a mouth organ Chromatic Octave - "The 64 Chromonica" and a Chromonica, which has gone out of tune. Dear Kuldeep sir, I have read your comment that you have converted his casettes into MP3s.

His music still rings in our years and even the current mobile phone generation has seen his numbers being used as caller tunes, such was his spread. Saturday, November 22, A tribute to Milon Gupta: Songs played by him like ''o sajna barkha bahar ayi'', ''Ajeeb dastan hain'', ''Aj koi nahin apni'', ''Zindagi kaisi hain paheli'' and many others sound as if the songs were composed keeping him and his instrument in mind.

Milon Gupta - Learn Harmonica

People who have his private recordings of western playing have often compared him to the great Larry Adler who once met Milon Gupta when he came to India for the only time. A fact unknown to many, he was one of the only person in India who knew how to repair and retune the mouth organ.

Milon as the best professional Harmonica player in India.

I am giving below his telephone numbers. I want to learn playing harmonica.

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