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Users who have installed the software have noted that programs frequently lock up and crash and that display abnormalities often occur. Originally Posted by Arizona-Heat. Please try to provide complete information. What shall I be?

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Do you want to know if your piano is in perfect tuning condition 24 hours a day seven days a week without ever calling your piano technician?

EzTune (free version) download for PC

This program is designed to work with the monitor it accompanies, allowing for advanced display configuration. Got a new CPU, will not work. Your configuration has changed. The setup package generally installs about 46 files and is usually about 8. All times are GMT If it is, you may have to uninstall and reinstall EzTune to resolve the conflicting rotation software.

Startup File All Users Run. Software Why do I need EzTune? Basically, I found a work around which was to enter any old PIN and hit ok, I would get a password error message saying that EzTune will stop working in 60 minutes - so basically the screen would pop up ezgune 60 minutes and I'd go through the same steps again.

Operation System Not Found It adds a background controller service that is set to automatically run. It would be a decent program if it wern't for a few stupid design features. If you answered yes to one of these eatune, you should seriously consider buying EZTune, a powerful computer software that gives your precise tuning picture of your piano.

[SOLVED] Monitor - EzTune nightmare! Please help!

Delaying the start of this service is possible through the service manager. I've tried unplugging the monitor. Well just a sugestion, it seems like this program would need to conect to the interent to check the status, so make sure any firewall that you are useing will let it do this and also it may be something that is a problem with their sever where it is having a problem with your account. Biggest technical mistake I ever made rztune years ago was putting in a theft deterrance pin number, it has given me nightmares since my original hard drive crashed.

Users who have installed the software have noted that programs frequently lock up and crash and that display abnormalities often occur.

Software, Why do i need eztune – Gateway FPD2185W User Manual

Help others learn more about this software, share your eztjne. Do you want to keep a history of tuning condition of your piano at your finger tip?

What shall I be? Will this work with EzTune?

I dropped EZTune the moment I realised Nvidia's gamma settings did the exact same thing far less intrusively. Forum Rules and Privacy Policy. If you find a field that you do not know, click on the button next to the field for detailed instructions on how to determine the information we need. Would you like Pivot Software to re-install now?

No one has commented yet. Pivot software must be reinstalled. Why do I need EzTune? I use this computer for my home studio and this EzTune thing is killin' me! While this all seems nice, the problems that come with this software should be noted. I just built a whole new system, and shouldn't have to think twice about plugging in my monitor. It came with EzTune which seemed to be a.

It's amazingly stupid having something as simple as a gamma tweaking program connect to the internet to look for updates. The time now is This software was originally created by Portrait Displays, Inc.

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