Splat magazine renegade paintball

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When the scores are tallied, having 5 percent accuracy means you performed well. Views Read Edit View history. As one shot kills in any paintball game, you'll be respawning a lot in speedball.

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Enter Splat Magazine Renegade Paintballa game that certainly has potential to take virtual interactive paintball to the next level.

Essentially this is a pointless step, since none of the characters have any discernable differences between them. For instance, there were several instances where we'd descend quietly from a perch on top of a tower and exit out a back door.

Compounding the problem is slightly jerky character animation, which makes it really tough to anticipate enemy movements and to lead your shots accordingly.

Everyone online plays with the Sweetness marker.

You can perform snaps while standing or squatting, but not while prone, due to the obvious mobility limitations inherent in that position. By contrast, the CPU seems to hit its mark the first time, every time--at least on normal difficulty. Unfortunately, this game suffers from significant problems in just about every department.

If you, even for one moment, step out of cover, you'll be bombarded by a spray of enemy paintballs, regardless of your distance from hostiles. Throughout the game, you'll be heavily reliant on Renegade Paintball's best tactical feature, which is borrowed directly from Greg Hastings.

On capture-the-flag maps, they'll never, ever capture the flag on their own. Its success was inconsistent. For all but the most dedicated of fans, this isn't a thrilling premise.

At the start of a particular map, the same baritone announcer voice asks, "Do you have what it takes to be king, [dramatic pause] or will you just be [another dramatic pause] a court jester?

Enthusiasts may be familiar with some of these big ballers, but anyone else probably won't have a clue. Yet, as we emerged from our cover we would turn around to sneak up on our foes only to find that paintballs aimed at our face were already in flight. Retrieved from " https: That's not to say there haven't been any paintball games, it's just that none of them have been particularly good.

When the scores are tallied, having 5 percent accuracy means you performed well. Unfortunately, the multiplayer sessions--both on the Xbox and the PC--are riddled with bugs.

On PC or Xbox Live multiplayer, you can start a game based on your custom map, and joining players will automatically download it. In Skirmish mode the splzt limit can be increased, but you'll still find the experience to be unsatisfying because of one of the game's other problems, the inaccuracy of your paintball guns. Speedball is set in smaller arenas and uses artificial, inflatable cover.

Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball - IGN

Some of the enemy A. Maybe if the career mode was accompanied by some sort of plot or featured specific character rivalries it might be able to set itself apart from the rest of the game.

Of renegace, you can't make baseless accusations of your fellow players in the PC version, because there's no built-in voice support.

Renegade Paintball looks much better still than it pxintball in motion. Multiplayer sessions are much more playable, mostly because everyone is working at an equal disadvantage.

Splat Magazine Renegade Paintball

An Xbox Live update is supposedly forthcoming to address this problem, but it wasn't available at press time. In many cases, both in Career mode and in Skirmish, we walked up on foes that were facing directly into the corner of a room. This problem is especially apparent during the prematch flybys, where you survey your map a few painful frames at a time. The odds seem hopelessly tilted in favor of your CPU opponent, especially on the Xbox, in which there is no auto-aim.

Even on the PC you'll have a lot of trouble hitting the mark, although this is due mostly to jerky graphics. In speedball, sessions are over very quickly, compounding the problem. The game's built-in field editor is a nice touch. Splat Renegade Paintball More Info. You're Good to Go!

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