Tareekh ul khulafa

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For those interested they can consult the following texts: The Prophet of Allah said that there would be twelve leaders after me and all of them from Quraish. Did Mu'awiya leave, disobey and curse 'Ali?

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So, whoever obeyed them, obeyed me and whoever disobeyed them, disobeyed me, and whoever denied khuulafa of them, denied me. And which is that thing not with Allah Almighty? The people told that His Honour said that all would be from Quraish.

After him, his son Muhammad will be Imam, called as Taqi and Zaki.

pantherfootball.mobi - Tarikh-ul-Khulafa (تاریخ الخلفاء، اردو ترجمہ)

And after some period, Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz was elected as the fifth true caliph after consensus of ummah. We have already presented to our objective readers the wonderful deeds of Mu'awiya, what should we say of his Iman?

Islam will overcome due to them. The word itself is showing its meaning and motivation that traeekh shadow of original, a reflection of mirror and an officiating of an original position.

These are my caliphs, my executors, my descendants and my progeny. A sip of milk will be your last meal to take. Baqar Hussain has enlightened this topic in a new style.

Tareekh Ul Khulafa | Read Islam

Hadhrath Ayesha's testimony about methods of Nikah during the time of Jahiliyya We read in Sahih al Bukhari "Book of Nikah" - Chapter "Whoever said, a marriage is not valid except with the woman's relatives" - Hadhrath Ayesha narrates:. They have declared that twelve Caliphs are meant our twelve Imams. Now decision is in your hands. Do these actions prove that Mu'awiya deemed Ali as as his Maula as in friend?

Will Allah swt appreciate this innovation? Umar called 'Ali and asked that he resolve the matter. First, among them, is my brother and last my son.

Al-Tahir should be counted tenth because he was the symbol of justice and fairness. This Surah revealed in the last age of His Honour. They are just like a boat; whoever took a ride in it got salvation. The above mentioned view of Ibn-ul Jozi is not acceptable because the number of caliphs is 13, whereas 12 caliphs are discussed in that hadith and with the condition of: If it means Master did he ever recognise Imam 'Ali as as his Master, rather he rejected his Leadership and openly rebelled against him, refusing to give bayya to him and as has already been mentioned, al Muhaddith Shah Abdul Aziz had stated that in the eyes of Ahl'ul Sunnah from the khilafath of Imam 'Ali to peace with Imam Hasan, Mu'awiya was a baghi - i.

These names are for Ali, Hasan and Husain.

Al-Muhtadi should also be included in these caliphs because he was the same righteous and just one as Umer bin Abdul Aziz led. Although, the list of twelve caliphs given by Hafiz ibn Hajr Asqalani is very much famous and known and also printed in the books of doctrines, but the words of: Hadhrath 'Ali as 's testimony - Mu'awiya is my enemy Despite the efforts of the Nasibis to limit the differences between Mu'awiya and 'Ali as nothing more than differences in thinking, Hadhrath 'Ali as 's views on Mu'awiya's iman gives us an insight into his thoughts.

The Tarreekh of Allah said: Was Mu'awiya a Momin or Munafiq? And this is clear that the major difference is the difference of caliphate and imamate which divided Islam into seventy three Islams and seventy three commentaries were given of a single Quran.

Tarikh-ul-Khulafa Urdu

They might have likewise repented and asked for Allah swt 's forgiveness, so why do the ulama insist on continuing to condemn such individuals? Usool-e-Kafi by Allama Muhammad Kulaini: Rather than demand Qisas why did Mu'awiya not demand that the killers of Uthman repent for their sins? And, whoever tarerkh would be drowned and perished and its kbulafa is of Bab-e-Hitta Bani Israel. About Mu'awiya's transgression, it is either Mu'awiyah thought that the truth lies with him or that he was deliberate in his transgression.

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