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Loudspeaker systems are usually mounted inside an enclosure or a cabinet, in order to separate the sound waves generated from the front and back. Thus, you have to pay close attention to each technical term, since there is the risk of inputting incorrect entries which might result in a non-working model. Since WinISD does not know about flared ports, a manual correction needs to be done. It is possible to change the power level, distance and number of drives included in the project, as well as make fine adjustments to the signal frequency variation. That's it, now save.

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Enter the numbers in this order: This lets you compare different drivers before you go out and spend any money. Notice how the two curves are equal at the boost frequency of 35hz.

In addition to this, WinISD enables you to calculate various active and passive filters, based on user-defined bass frequencies and other parameters. You can of course add the dimensional parameters if winid like If you can't get that to work, user Soho54 from AVSforum swears by the following Green is 60w with 6dB boost 35hz.

WinISD comes with a box shape editor that enables you to quickly determine the optimal dimensions for the type of loudspeaker you want to build, depending on its volume and board thickness. Read the full changelog.

Here's our example continued. Compare the SPL at the boost frequency for the two projects - they should be the same. There is also an output attenuatorallowing control of the signal level.

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The clipping is gone and the output is a clean sine wave. As an example, the Blast Furnace is designed for w maximum power and has a boost of 6dB. For the single frequency option, you can manualy specify the frequency, or you can use the cursor to pick the frequency from on of the WinISD graphs. The following table shows how much to reduce the power for a given boost. This means that the System Input Power must be set lower than the maximum power by an amount equal to the boost.

The effect of boost can be modelled with the Parametric EQ filter. Here is a graph showing how excursion changes with filter design frequency.

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If using this function, be careful not to overdrive the output The generator allows you to produce a single frequency, or a sweep across a range. An intuitive speaker designer program that you can use to model your own loudspeaker enclosure and calculate different types of filters.

A favoured design is the Linkwitz-Riley filter 4th order filter, which is entered as follows:. If you are just looking to downlaod WinISD and want to skip the overview, you can do directly to the last section of this page. It is possible to change winizd power level, distance and number of drives included in the project, as well as make fine adjustments to the signal frequency variation.

Main screen with two projects loaded. Fixed "Access violation" which happened when user tried to change active design from mouse menu over plot window. May 11th, Freeware. For 6dB, we must divide the maximum power by 4, so we set the System Input Power to 60w.

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The 4th order filter has a Q of 0. Each parameter of the model is 0.4. The main purpose of WinISD is to assist you in creating the ideal loudspeaker enclosure that can offer high-fidelity sound reproduction.

This produces a whole stream of harmonics. To control cone excursion below the port tuning frequency, it is often neccessary to employ a high pass filter.

As the following drawing shows, part of the air in a flared port belongs to outside the port. WinISD is freeware with a facility ebta make a donation. The current version cannot handle flared ends. The application can be used for creating closed, vented, bandpass boxes and multi-way speakers. This example is a Jaycar Bdta with 6dB of boost 35hz.

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